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in/out fest!

So finally after months of planning, victory! I have organized a festival in NYC on December 12 at The Tank (354 West 45th st). As many of you remember, I became alarmingly obsessed with a midi controller called the monome senior year. My obsession hasn’t really stopped and led to this!

in/out fest. A day long even rejoicing in all things open source!

Workshops on:

~Building a drum machine in Reaktor

~DIY controllers

~Working with Jitter and controllers

a round table discussion on performance tools

audio performances by:
~tehn (of monome)

~Occular Noise Machine (of Livid Instruments)

~Peter Kirn (of www.createdigitalmusic.com)



~Switchboard Operator

Visuals by:



and more!

It’s only 10 bucks, workshops cost extra.  Our own Philippe did the website, www.inoutfest.org . It is going to be a really great time, hopefully some of you can make it. We are also having a pre-party on Nov. 7th at the Tank as well. Woop, I am so excited!!!!


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